Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the information you need about the Program. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


Yes, sure. Please let us know in your application for mentee, that you will also support the Program as a mentor.

Minimum 3 sessions that will last 1 h. Mentors usually agree to continue mentoring after the official end of the Program.

After competitive selection of participants, we’ll pass contacts of mentors to the mentees for organisation of the first session. Meetings will happen in accordance with an individual schedule. You need to make no less than 3 sessions that should last for 1 hour each.

Yes, if mentor agrees on that. We don’t limit the maximum amount of sessions.

The matching is based on the experience of a mentor and request from a mentee.

You need to let us know about it asap. Please contact our support team via the Platform or write a message to We’ll do everything possible to establish communication or to find another mentor/mentee for you.

You need to let us know about it asap. Please contact our support team via the Platform or write a message to It’s important so we can find a new pair for your mentor/mentee.

No, we choose pairs ourselves based on requests and needs of mentee and mentor’s expertise.

Mentee should be initiative and proactive. It's mentee's responsibility to keep track on appointments and arrange them. 

Yes, of course.

Information about incoming webinars will be posted on our announcements calendar -

Additionally, the information about all upcoming events will be e-mailed. 

Yes, we plan to make recordings, but online participation would allow you to ask questions to our cool speakers!

You can get a certificate for a donation of 20 euros or share posts about the Program on your social media. This way more people will learn about the free Programs organized by Women in Tech. 

Information for mentors

It depends on how much free time you have. We suggest that it’s better to take 1-2 mentees and work with them thoroughly.

Yes, there’ll be a closed group in LinkedIn for networking.

You are free to ask mentees for feedback. The feedback the mentees give to the organizers is confidential and we cannot disclose it.

Information for mentees

The Program involves individual sessions by call / videocall with your mentor.

Yes, you will be working with one mentor for the duration of the Program. If you have any problems in communication, please let us know asap. 

It is important to be prepared and do your 'homework' before your sessions. For the first session, prepare to introduce yourself and talk about your expectations for mentoring.

It is common for mentors to give 'homework' to mentees after each session. However, it depends on your request and your goals in this Program.